Time Pieces

If I could sketch time,

It would look like the stars in

A cracked hourglass.


Bleeding out into

the darkness like bloodstains on

Cold Blacktop Playground.


Trickling Finite

Chronos into infinite

Space, just to be claimed


By/Buy Watches, clocks, and

Random time pieces, only

Catching time pieces.


Pieces of time locked.

Intertwined with space like some

Stolen dance floors grooves.


Never to be heard, to

Never be captured again.

Time is running fast.


We say we have time,

But if its running away,

Doesn’t time have you?


Chasing after it

Like some young boy after a

Childhood crush misplaced.


This is what I mean;

This is what tics in my mind,

Tocking days away


Talking friends and prayers

Away. Time doesn’t exist

For you anyway.


You exist for time.

Time runs out of you. You are

The star falling out


The skies hourglass.

Slipping through the cracks like young

Sand fleshed boys in jail.


Having your heart crushed,

Buried under the falling

Stars that follow you.


Time waits for no one.

So what are you waiting for

You better catch up.

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