Would You Like to Dance

Twist for the proper title…
If I ignored the passion I feel for you
And settled for being a friend
I would die from lack of proper title,
And never see you again.


Would you like to dance?
Your hand fits perfectly in mine,
Our slide step is magical,
All you have to do is follow what you feel,
If anything is felt that is…
Cause everyday we pass up opportunity,
Every night we write lines that shift each other’s worlds,
Guess it’s all our faults.
We shiver tectonic plates,
To hold up a platonic relationship,
But we both know that’s on shaky ground.
And that’s all our fault,
Cause we know worlds collided, when lips coincided.
And I damn near imploded into your…
We should be dancing with each other right now,
Instead of running of to our friends.
Suppressing our emotions like
Magma pockets right under the skins crust,
Cause when our volcano erupts,
We’ll both end up burned.
And somebody might not make it out alive.
Be it the dance floor,
Your current partner,
Or… Or… Or my self-confidence.
Can we dance?
Our rhythms are in sync,
Never did you stutter step,
And my shuffle kept a steady shake,
Ta da, Ta da, Ta da, Ta da.
Add base and change place,
Ba boom, Ba boom, Ba boom, Ba boom.
Feet meet with heartbeat, driven by
Your sweet soft cheeks as we
Groove to imaginary patterns,
I whisper comments that echo throughout your caverns,
Topic: combustion of our atoms,
Cause this has yet to happen.
I’m just trying to figure out what I have to do,
To possibly convince you…
That we could have the perfect romance,
But you haven’t answered if you’d like to dance.

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