Paint Me Beautiful

Paint me beautiful.

My favorite muse,

I’d be remiss to miss this opportunity miss

To inspire you to create.

Paint this body in your image,

These curves unfurl into hips and legs,

These places hidden to the naked eye.

Paint me golden rod sunset,

With streams of light beaming.

Make me shine at night;

Allow me to cast a glow in my darkest hours.

Share our hours in your art.

Paint me, the way I look with you.

At you.

The glint of hope that peeks through me when we laugh.

The shiver cascading down my back when your hand

Slides over mine.

Paint my ripples,

The marks stretching across my canvas,

Tiger stripe fantasy.

I want the world to see me through your eyes;

Know my flaws and enjoy them.

With you, I am the person I want to be in real life.

Stroke me into oiled brilliance.

Glossy flash and tactile wonder,

Paint me without perfection.

Show what humanity looks like living.

A white quartz cloudy,

A child’s tear misty,

A solid breath billowing during winter exhalation.

Paint heavens rejoice in my eyes and peace in my cheeks.

Paint rebellion in my follicles,

Learning in every bruise.

Paint every splendid slither of you that you’ve shared with me in me.

Paint me beautiful,

It will be the greatest artwork I’ve yet to see.

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