Coming From Where I’m From – Extended Verse

I was made is southeast.
Raised in southeast,
Worked hard, got a job, and get paid in southeast.
Been shy, met women, and got laid in southeast,
Spit flows at rap shows and face shade in southeast.
I stay southeast. Even when out of town,
They see the way I rock my crown and they say “southeast”.
There’s a bunch of folks that’s scared to come around southeast.
Many folks that ain’t even been found in southeast.
Talk wrong shit to the right one in southeast
Bullets spray, you another lost son in southeast.
We rock shirts, wishing our loved ones “rest in peace”
Cause they choked on the beef, met defeat in southeast.
The heat in southeast. All blocks are hot,
Feds run up in the spot where you eat in southeast.
Blue lights, no special, just beast in the in southeast.
Red lights, no special, ain’t no TLC.
But things change, we got some new whites in southeast.
Comfortable, bought land, raise a fam in southeast.
Jog past the liquor store, ride bikes in the street,
Making money working at homeland security.
New office building and a waterfront in southeast.
Didn’t know the value of our property in southeast.
My hood turning good, rent rising for me.
Landlord saying that it time to pay a hire fee.
But I’m so southeast. Peep in my DNA,
My double helix seem to just say southeast.
But that’s the way of the beast,
Best be preparing to change my life around and represent PG.
But it ain’t just southeast, the whole city looking ivory.
New outlet for Nike in the city of ivy,
Right down the street from “Tri-Trinidad”
New condos designed for Becky and the fam.
Bleach in the streets, seems all the colors running.
Blacks in the neighborhoods like “master’s coming”
White flight in reverse, Northwest to the Southside,
Stack your money, property taxes hiked where you reside.
Anacostia lookin’ like H street in 02,
It’s only a matter of time till they do MLK like U.
Take your venues, your homes, and your places of recreation,
Add some new paint, evict you and call it renovations,
From the Nola to Detroit, Harlem to Oakland
It ain’t just DC y’all,  it’s the whole nation!
The country treats us like they treat us, if you ain’t rapping or playing ball,
Get in where you fit in, and that’s nowhere at all.
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