For Immortals That Live On Soundcloud

A simple “pardon me” would have been nice
As you bumped your way to heaven.
Showing up at the gates
Before anyone saw your invitation.
Never too soon or too late,
Always on “God’s time”.
Sometimes God’s time feels like unfair
Like fate made a clutch deal
Made off with the jewels and we left here
“why that bamma ain’t text me back”
But his battery died
Them defibrillator pads can’t charge this.
Charge it to the game.
When your numbers called huh?
Gotta answer that call.
Even when you dial it yourself.
I always imagined it feeling like
Biting into a hard shell taco,
But you got cavities…
Like that sharp prick,
close to a pinch on the inside.
This shit hurts.
So say excuse me at least!
Busting in line like we ain’t get here first.
All outta order… shoot…
What we ‘sposed to do round here…  live?
*Rest In Peace Bryce*
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