The Descent to Genius – Chapter 1: Seeking the Help of Something Greater than Thou.

Dear Universe,

Sometimes you are called God;
All-knowing presence ever-present,
Sharing insight and guiding our path.
I could use a trail clearly marked.
Footsteps to place feet into.
Direction, a compass, coordinates for success;
My own personal destiny to manifest.

Dear God,

Sometimes referred to as Universal Power;
the vast opening,
the grand vapidness,
glittering in all of its ever-expanding…
never-ending space.
I could use some space
to stretch and expand;
to be bigger than allowed;
larger than life;
to be more than frame plus ligament;
to be it all.

I am but a man,
asking for everything I deserve.
As a cog in this labyrinthine machine,
I’m owed a glimpse outside the shell.
To witness the steampunk in motion.
And someday
the joy of being still.


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