I’m Not Enough

I’m not enough to get you flowers every Monday,

Chocolates every Friday, love poems every Wednesday

To get you over the hump.

I not enough to bring you peace,

Or a piece of peace.

A minute slither of peace of mind is extra hard

For me to find so why settle.


You settle dust like on me,

Waiting for someone more suitable of your gems

To dust you off this old toy.


I’m not enough,

No six packs or smooth skin.

No perfect coils that weave into locks.


I whisper too loud, talk too much, think too often

And save too many comments.

My touch is rugged, my voice is high, and I have no lips.

How am I supposed to give you a deep passionate, loving kiss

With non-existing lips…


I’m not enough,

Scared to dance in clubs…

That’s why I only ask you in poetry spots,

On the mic, when you can only wonder if I’m speaking to you.

Well I am, and I don’t want you to answer,

Because I’m not able to handle yes…

Too afraid of no.

Too nervous to ever let you get close.


I’m not publicly affectionate,

I’m vague.

Too conscious for my own good.

Known to tear myself to pieces

And hope you would read them.


I’m not enough to engage you in


Tend to rhyme,

Also know to whine,

That’s why people tend not to

Date me for a long period of time.

I speak in rhythm.

I walk to the beats in my own head,

Tend to let them escape from my mouth.


I’m not enough…


Often to shy to take those chances,

Frozen when it comes to young ladies

Who shoot me glances,

I mean I burned down the bulls eye,

And bricked up my weaknesses, right?

So why do I tend to write and share my heartbreaks

Every night…

This is my daily plight,


To grow,

To be enough to not have to bring you flowers

Or strive to bring you happiness.

To be enough to ask you out, and mean it…

To not be worried if our rhythms match…

Hell… lets our off-beat medley build and meld

Because I am the no lipped, loud whispering, odd ball that you see…

Who hustle’s for peace of mind… and is still learning

How to smile and laugh at jokes…

To be comfortable about my past and live for the now…

To grow and be enough…for myself.


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