Pre-Order’s for My Book Are Live!

Hey There All!!!

If you are following this blog, then you probably know that I am a writer. I’ve been sharing my poetry publicly for nearly 15 of my 34 years of life, and I’m finally ready to release a book. So I don’t have the money myself to publish, so I’ve made pre-orders available via indiegogo! Below you will find a brief description of “1 Color Kaleidoscope” and what the money is going toward.

Why 1 Color Kaleidoscope?

I’m a person first and foremost. I feel that we as individuals lose sight of our humanity as we deal with the difficulties in life. It’s hard to see someone else’s struggle while blinded by your own. My goal in this book is to illustrate the struggles and beauty in our lives by being an example. I’ve done my best to be honest and speak on a breadth of my experiences. I pray you are ready to accept.

  • Five Chapters
    • Color Me Artist
    • Color Me Lonely
    • Color Me In Love
    • Color Me Upset
    • Color Me Human

Where Does The Money Go?

I’m Glad You Asked:

  • I’m seeking $1,500 to be able to print the book, pay my editors, get an ISBN number, handle copyrights, pay a cover designer, etc…
  • I’ve put together a fun set of donor perks including online shoutouts, personalized haiku, and crocheted goods (that I’m making myself!)
  • If I don’t reach my full goal, I will take the money raised and complete the pre-orders that were made. No matter what, you will receive your perk! Thank you for your support!

If you are interested. Please click here and check out the indiegogo perks and maybe support. Maybe? 🙂


Thanks y’all!



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