Between The Stitches – November 2018

I’m compelled to post because it’s been over half a year since I’ve posted.

I’m moved to tell you all about a year of growth, expansion, and joy. Of some of my struggles and how I’m making a way through them.

But so much has happened that it’s a bit daunting to think about writing. I’m overwhelmed with the idea of listing 2018.

This year has been a combination of greatest hits and deepest lows. For every signed deed, there’s an interest charge. For every scarf sold, less youth attending flagship programs.

I’ve rewritten rules this year. I’ve redefined my hustle this year. I’ve failed this year… a lot. All in the name of potential success.

I’ve asked for patience and am thankful for it.

I’ve asked for solitude and am thankful for it.

I’ve asked for friendship and am thankful for it.

I’m still working on giving these things to myself. I’m still working on giving them to others.

I’ve got events coming up and I’ll talk about them later this week. But right now I just want to share that I am full. I may be overwhelmed, but I am full.

Thanks for taking the time read this.

I promise I wont be such a stranger in the future. Drop a line below to tell me how your 2018 has been. I do read the comments when I get some. Lol

Peace, safety, and wellness,

-Dwayne B

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