On Life and Simplicity

Written Via Prompts from attendees of “The Weary Blues” at Busboys and Poets 14th and V. 2/26/2020


A simple thing; life.

Do good and see good even

In the face of strife

From the troubled streets

To the Amen Corner, We

Stand strong in this truth

Another day of

Grace, grateful for this taste; this

Consecrated breath

Whether Jewish or

Buddhist, are we not seeking

Shelter, sacred space?


Or Nation of Islam, We

Are all splintered trees

Looking to be whole;

Planted in ageless faith and

Hopeful intentions

Be kind. There is no

Space for war over words by

Men long dead and gone

Fight for OUR  story

Of surviving holy wars

And middle passage

We are champions

Just by living our lives. This

Rhythm, heart beats proof

Open Heart. To know

peace, we must give love and resist

The urge to build walls

Life is about the

Release. Hold your breath and know

Joy on the exhale

Love the messy and

Neat, Love Lei Dog slobber and

Velvet kitten coo

Celebrate presence,

Because every day is a

Poem unedited

Testing the pages

Seeing what sticks. There are no

Errors in this draft

Life is good. See the

Beauty in togetherness;

Know you deserve it.

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