From Gumbo To Mumbo Is Back!!!

Holy Crap!!!

Time has flown. 2020 has been a year and a half and while there’s tons that I’d love to update folks on (lots of photography, some fund grants that I’ve gone for, some things I’ve stepped away from), this post is about From Gumbo To Mumbo.

Here’s the deal – a rhyme spitting science teacher from New Orleans moves to DC for college. A Southeast DC B-Boy sees the ongoing changes in his city. How will these two folks claim there space in a difficult political climate and ever changing world… gotta see the show to find out.

I don’t always hype of projects that I’m working on, but this one in particular is something I’m truly proud of. We have pushed this show, our bodies, and the Keegan Theater production team to the limit to make magic happen for the audiences that drop $30 for the show.

We recognize $30 can be a lot, especially in these times. We want it to be worth your time and money. I feel like it’s worth it, but I’m also biased. Look at it like this, if you have a few friends over for drinks and a night of theater (socially-distanced of course) you can split it 3 ways. It then becomes the cheapest show ticket in town… well… in your living room!

For More Info On The Show Visit Keegan Theater’s Profile on From Gumbo To Mumbo.

For Tickets Click Here.

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