I’m In The Washington Post!? (again?)

Photo Cred: R.Dione Foto

So It’s happened.


For context: I am often a background player (more about that in a post coming soon). I enjoy not being the person in the forefront – I like my side character arc in my friends title series. But every now and then, it happens; someone notices me doing my thing and I take center stage.

So here we are. The Washington Post just ran a feature online (going to print on Friday) covering “From Gumbo To Mumbo” – the two-man show I penned with my fellow Spit Dat DC host, Drew Anderson. The article also covers my perfect day in DC (spoiler alert – I needed more than one day).

Read The Washington Post Article Here!

Dwayne B and Drew Anderson
Photo Cred: R.Dione Foto

From Gumbo To Mumbo is absolutely one of the highpoints in my artistic career. We have gotten great reviews from students during our Young Audiences run of the show, we’re nominated for a Helen Hayes Award for Best Production for Young Audiences, and won Best In Show at 2019’s Charm City Fringe Fest in Baltimore MD. Most important to me; during a year where plans fell apart, lives were shaken to their core, and people have suffered through isolation in hopes of preservation, I have had a chance to hang out and perform with my best friend. I’m honored that the Washington Post has acknowledged this little piece of joy.

Photo Cred: Cameron Whitman Photography

But wait…

In the title…

I mean…

Yep… This has happened before.

So 11 years ago, I happened to be crocheting on the Metro when this dude walks up and asks me about my shirt. I explain that It was for the non-profit I work for and that the scarf was for an order. This would lead to the first time I was featured in the Washington Post. That was with John Kelly for his quirky people in DC column “John Kelly’s Washington”. John and I would later meet for dinner and have a delightful conversation about classic rock, community activism, and performance. He still writes for the Post and still performs in his band.

Check Out My First Appearance In The Post!

So yeah, there are people who will tell you that lightning doesn’t strike twice, but keep doing your thing, whatever your creative, silly, fun-loving thing is, and know that someone will take notice… even when you don think they will.

PS: Thanks for reading this. Feel free to leave a comment and check out this bonus live-chat that I did with the John Kelly shortly after the post article went up.

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