New Posts! Not April Fools!

“Well well well…

If it isn’t Dwayne, back at the seat writing for his website again. Not like the last post wasn’t a promise to update more often… weekly was it Dwayne? How has that turned out?”

I know. Those are the voices I heard every time I thought about posting here. I set out for honesty, and feedback was tremendous, which frightened me. I found myself back in my corner. But here I am. Documenting my history because no one else will – at least while I’m living.

There are some interesting things happening right now. Some things have to wait, but others I can discuss:

I was just on my first podcast of the year!

The Cole and Soul Podcast is a monthly show organized by 3 amazing artists based here in the DMV. I got to share space with them and discuss art curation, poetry, accountability, and music trivia! Listen below and follow them on all the social media.

Speaking of Podcasts – I’m finally starting mine!

Photo Cred: Blue Lightning Photography

POETS READING POETRY: Poems by poets and other redundancies – A weekly podcast featuring myself and other poets I am acquainted with reading poems in conversation. 30 minutes max per episode. I am still getting the exact schedule together, but we will be launching May 4th 2021 and recording live on the StereoApp. Go ahead and click the link, download the app, and follow me so you can be ready when we launch!

Performances… wait… for real?!

So I applied and got into a really cool performance set with the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities called WordSoundPower where jazz musicians are paired with poets to collaborate over a few weeks and have a performance at the Lincoln Theater! Most of the groups feature the one jazz musician or ensemble and one poet. I am fortunate enough to be in the only group with two poets; my fellow poet being Rasheed Copeland. For those who don’t know… google Rasheed. He’s incredible. Our musician is Noah Getz, saxaphone musician-in-residence at American University. We are having some fun before our recording day (April 8th), so I know the final result is going to be amazing! I’ll post more info once promo materials are finished.

Father/Crocheter/Poet/Photographer? – Yeppers!

Photo Cred: Ceraun Loggins

I will be hosting my first photography activation at The Corner at Whitman-Walker on May 9th at 3PM. “The Look Of Survival” will be an open photoshoot documenting our style as we survive this current pandemic. All are invited to come dressed in either they usual pandemic attire (most often sweatpants and a t-shirt) or to show off their fly outfit that hasn’t had a place to land since everything is closed. We will be requiring masks and taking all proper precautions regarding physical distancing to ensure the safety of all involved. Come be a part of my FIRST EVER PHOTOGRAPHY THINGY!

OK. I’ve said a lot, and I’m starting to get anxious about hitting publish… so yeah… thanks for reading. Let’s chat in the comments!


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