Notified (or “On Not Carrying A Portable Charger”)

WordPress notification: 8:43AM – John Arrington liked your post New Posts – No April Fools

Mornings sit on chest

Weighted blanket on a cotton-filled lonely


And twilight clips between the blinds

Email notification: 8:51AM – Hey Dwayne B! Something on your wishlist is now on sale in the Nintendo EShop!

And it is

As awaking can be

Rude and abrupt

Vibration and restless


Still life

Screening screens

In isolation

Text Notification: 9:20AM – Ignore

A stutter stop

Taciturn tantrum

From a pachyderm roommate

Call From Scam Likely: 10:34AM – Ignore


Seems selfish


Seems selfish

Missing you


Voicemail Notification: 10:35AM – 20 seconds of white noise


And the day doesn’t mind

A meandering mind

Wanderlust personified

Here does not feel like…

Facebook Message Notification 11:46AM – 3 unread

A derailed train

is a thought deferred

a virtual memory


a filthy clean

for the unrecalled

Zoom Meeting: 12:30PM – 1 of 3

A pachyderm returns

Makes seat of chest

A quilt of questions


Text Message Notification: 1:37PM “Lawson-Brown Men” Group Chat – 1 of 6

I’m safe

Which is to say

Death has yet to know my address

The bullet was not mine


All cars stayed their course

Mourn the lost

Celebrate the life

Recognize the Causes

Pachyderm Roommate

Instagram Notification: 2:12PM 4 of 16 – Unread

I just want to…

Facebook Message Notification: 2:13PM 4 Unread


Microsoft Teams Meeting Reminder: 2:15 – Meeting begins in…

without the pressure

Pinterest Notification: 2:16


Yahoo Email Notificati…

Gmail Notific…

Twitter Noti…


Instagram Live Notification: 5:30PM – Online Trivia Party

And I am buzzing

And streaming

Turned on and digitized

For consumption




Paypal Notification: 6:37 – Payment sent to Smi…

When it dies

All is still

But the thoughts

Scampering the minds floor

Calls missed

City in peril

Son alone

And all is still

But the locs that wont fall

and the resilient ash

Hunkered between my thumb and pointer

Pen swaying – A meter bump on the green line

Signs of life

All still

In motion.

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