What We Can Afford

After “One Jump Ahead” by Tim Rice as featured in “Disney’s Aladdin” 1993

“Gotta stay one jump ahead of the bread line
One swing ahead of the sword
I steal only what I can’t afford”

And what’s more expensive
Than the cost of living
In this country
In this world
This tan, brown, Black
Where breath costs a lung
And 2 running legs
We gasp bullets
And break to the sound of sirens
Wish they could see the prince
In all this “riff-raff”
But lamps
Don’t light the way to compassion
And the weight of magic is
Blue enough
To suffocate a genie
Snatch the light out our sky
It’s “a whole new world”
Of the same old stories
“Gotta eat to live — gotta steal to eat
Otherwise we’d get along
Street rats scamper
Scramble for escape
From the trap bigger than our frame
Belly aching for
“Just a little snack, guys”
See us ripped open
Taken six-fold
The block — an undug grave
For all to witness

The is no reprise
No reprieve
No bridge to bring back a life

“I steal only what I can’t afford”
And that’s…

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