On Leaving A Life

I packed up my desk today. I put all my shit into a box and prepared to say goodbye. No one else was there. This isn’t how I envisioned it. I feel sad. I mean I’m happy about the new job and everything that comes with it. I’m excited to do something new. But looking at all the things I’ve done — filing through certificates from trainings and two decades of thank you cards. Love letters left on post-it notes and dust so much dust. and data, and blank CD’s. DVD of the documentary with the Discovery channel…. there were so many memories being kicked up with the dust. I’d sneeze and see something new. The RealTalkDC festival that became The Golden Ticket Party for Prevention. old resumes and even older business cards. I put all my shit in a box and rode the bus away from twenty-two years of experience. It was heavy. cumbersome to carry. when I got home, I was happy to let go.

I packed up all my shit
Prepared to say goodbye
No one was there

I envisioned
Sad and everything new
All the things
And two decades of love letters
Left on Post-It Notes

So much dust and data
The documentary
Many memories kicked up
Old and even older business

I rode away
From twenty-two years of

When I got home
I was happy to
Let go.

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  1. I love both pieces so much! Paired down and the fuller version. What a life. What a legacy.

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