Somdwain Day 5: On Processing The Process

Joyous Somdwain! Today is about the process.

We each go through a process to wake, to sleep, to breathe. The food we eat, the beverages we eat, every point of access is a process. The fact that you took the time to get to this page and read – a small step in your process of living.

As we re-enter the work day, (or physical work world in general) remember to feel the process and process how it feels. Do you enjoy your work process? What feelings are present and could you replicate them elsewhere? If they are good feelings, what contributes to that? what processes are in play that bring you joy? Who do those processes impact?
If there are negative feelings, is this a process that you may need to leave? What affects whether it is worth it to stay? What harm comes from breaking a process? What harm comes from continuing a process?

In crochet, I’ve been diving deeper into the process of making and enjoying the making process. The way the yarn feels between my fingers. The dexterity shown as I “wrap around-pull through” for thousands of stitches in a matter of hours. In poetry. I’ve been revisiting the process of writing and where inspiration strikes. What makes what I’m writing poetic? Where can a poem come from? Am I seeking the poem or do poems find me? What is my process for writing and is it still enjoyable.

I’m finding answers for myself in sharing the process. The moments people often don’t see. The 2am binge-listening of Moses Sumney while feverishly working on a crochet project. Being able to share the final project after showing what it takes to get there – it contextualizes the work for an audience.

In poetry – the poems seem to be found in conversation with others. Phrases wave at me in the middle of friends sentences, as the lecturer starts their opening statements, in the random turn of phrase I catch in a commercial. It’s a fun game of cat and mouse – a process of finding what presents itself as lost.

What processes are your working through? Let’s process together.

Thanks for letting me be a part of your process today!

-Dwayne B!

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