Somdwain Day 8: The Body Craves

Somedays I wake up and ache to be touched.

I’m an introvert. Surprise! But people also peg me as a extravert because of my seemingly outgoing nature. I’ve trained myself to be this version of me; a larger than life personality in a compact package. It’s honestly my greatest role — acting like being around people is natural. For me, a musical tunnel allowing me to walk various places without interacting; *chefs kiss* perfecto! I’m basically Bugs Bunny with an Ipod.

But there are mornings, and evenings…
and late nights…
There are times when the skin wants its due. When solitude doesn’t fit well on longing flesh. As much as I am introvert and different, I am equally human and need to connect. This can be a dangerous time when on a self-care journey. Many can attest to the 2AM “wyd?” text, leading to momentary pleasure and tomorrow’s regret. I’d be lying if I said I’ve never fallen into that thirst trap, but for me, sexual connection is far less about physical, carnal want. I mean, its certainly that too; I’m not a “cotton candy” lover — but I need to know that the pleasure is mutual.

Which leads me to my point — saying yes to every want can be counterproductive to a healing process. Saying no to every want can be counterproductive to a healing process. The key is learning what feels best for you, both in the moment and in the long-run. I’ve said no plenty of times since I’ve been single — some respected my no more than others. I learned how that felt and now move accordingly. I’ve said yes on occasion and learned how that felt. I’ve been told no, in different ways, and while always respecting the no, I’ve learned how each felt and how to move forward applying those “no’s” in my life. Our “yes’s and no’s” enrich us, giving us the chance to enrich the others in our lives.

So yeah… I want to be touched sometimes, by the right person in the right circumstances. Sometimes the body craves what seems distant. But by recognizing the power of those connections and the value you place on your healing, you can navigate “the feelz” and move forward happier, healthier, and hopefully, satisfied.

Peace, Love, and Pizzarias,

-Dwayne B!

Somedays I wake and ache to be touched
An introvert surprise
Seemingly trained to be compact
My greatest role – natural
A musical tunnel interacting

There are mornings
Late nights
When the skin wants its due
Solitude doesn’t fit well on longing flesh
I am different
Equally human need
Dangerous time
Carnal want
The pleasure is mutual

Saying yes to want
A healing process

Saying no to want
A healing process

The body craves

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