Somdwain Day 9: Why I Crochet

Merry Somdwain!

I’m often asked how to crochet, but rarely asked why. I understand, they feel like the same question, but truthfully they are different. I start crocheting by grabbing the hook, and taking the yarn, making a slip stitch, and being my chain stitches to make the foundation of the piece — I think you get the point.

I actually often answer their “how” with my “why”. If you want to reach that story, its somewhere here on the blog, and totally googleable. The Washington Post has covered it twice. But today, let’s chat about why I still crochet.

I’m a creator. I like to create. For instance, while others are cruising DC’s streets, enjoying beverages and looking for some closeness to claim, I’m up listening to BOOMscat and typing awake into the website I created. when I’m done with this, I’ll make some tea and crochet until I pass out. Creating is a passion of mine. And as a creator, I try to find different formats and ways to explore creation. I’m interested in music production and instruments (though I’ve never played any) I share poetry very often, I’m a reformed breakdancer, and have even dabbled in graffiti. If I have the chance to make something, I will almost always take that chance.

I’m also a father. In my opinion, parenthood is the ultimate act of creation. Creating a life, nurturing a human to be the best person they can be — its priceless. It is also costly. My most financially lucrative artform is poetry — not from the book sales, hosting, or open mic performances. No, the most financially viable aspect of being a poet, for me, has been playwriting and teaching artists workshops. The poet spaces are incredibly crowded and competitive. Everyone thinks they are a poet (and they can be) but not everyone is a great poet — and that doesn’t always matter to audiences or promoters.

That’s where crochet comes in. Crochet is a skill that requires a lot of patience and commitment to process. Making a hat can take hours… most people don’t have the patience to wait ten minutes in line to buy a hat, none-the-less make one. So when I started crocheting in 2004, I was carving a path for me to stand out among the folks in art spaces with books and CD’s. My first Washington Post article happened because an columnist noticed me crocheting on the train while wearing a t-shirt with a public health message on it. being a masculine person crochet is definitely a conversation starter, and as a shy person, it has helped me come out of my shell whether I want to or not.

I’ve stuck with crochet for so long because there is always something new to learn or try. Some stitch I never learned, some dope new pattern to try out, someone ordering a 4 scarves 2 weeks before Christmas hoping to give them as gifts (they fittnah learn to order at least a month in advance). As long as my fingers continue to work and there is enough time, I’ll be stitching together projects and providing warmth to these DC streets.

Thanks for taking a moment and reading.

Peace, Safety, and Warmth,

Dwayne B!

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I am kind of the same way, I’ve never sold anything but have donated countless hats and scarves to homeless. NAMI and hospitals . Plus what my family needs. I love the feel, texture and colors of yarn, and enjoy stress relieving portable aspects of crochet. I appreciate your thoughts! Keep warming !

    • Barbara, thanks for taking the time to read and share! Love to you donating work to the homeless NAMI and hospitals. I’ve had the chance to work with a few cool groups in DC to lead workshops for folks making donations to our children’s hospital. Spreading the blessings 🙂

  2. I so understand! Crocheting is very calming for me and I also love to create. So proud of you for ignoring what people think of as”the norms”. YES—– Spread The Warmth…Amen!!

  3. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to read this article. I have a shared interest /talent for visual art, song writing, poetry, and crochet. And today I confided to my daughter that I have an interest in using poetry as a stage play of some sort, perhaps monologue or accompanied by dance. I don’t know how to utilize these interests/talents in a way that’s viable and shared with the public. That is yet to be discovered; but I look forward to reading more blog posts and hopefully getting inspired.
    God bless you!

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