30/30 Day 12: Tuesdays Are For Pretty

Its Tuesday and I’m answering the nights call
Slither from beneath blankets
Get gussied up
Put on my favorite dress
The yellow one that flows when I twirl
Hope that someone sees me and thinks
With my ashy elbows and messy bun
My dirt-caked unwashed hands
A receipt for an afternoon of pulled weeds

Its Tuesday
And tonight is the perfect mix
Of lonesome and arousal
Find a place to share space
Before the cops shut it down
Or the price is too high for us to stay
Or the right one says the wrong things
And we hear that familiar choppa song
Perfect weather to make a memory
With a stranger
And throw risk to the wind

Its Tuesday
Catch me twirling
Under bright lights
The prettiest boi in the streets.

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