30/30 Day 13: A Block Of Love For You

Am I obsessed? Is it strange for us to be so close and so far and all I do is think of you. Like all of the day and night; and my goodness I just want to hear from you right now. I’d fly to you to hear your voice whisper something silly. For you to paint the vivid visual in the soft space between my neck and collar. I miss you. And its silly, and foolish, and wrong in some schools of thought. But we weren’t thinking of the disaster. And that is why we found the beauty. A choose to fly. We choose. We live. We grow. We sustain. We cultivate. And everything you touch thrives. Everything you are connected to is good. And you make me so much better. I pray I do the same for you. I pray you never make concessions. I pray to do you justice. I pray you feel the joy the world knows from your smile. I pray you get to enjoy being you. Simply you.

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