30/30 Day 18: An Ideal or A Daydream

You lease a house
With an option to own
On the coast
But far enough to not be
A hurricane risk

Your morning meditation
Seabreeze and sunshine
While the ocean meets your feet
White linen
Flowing like the few wispy clouds
Wandering what we call a sky

Your nights know
Perfect penmanship
Rum and want
The comfort of being free
There is a notepad
Singing your praises
There is a lover
That still tastes your breath
On their exhale.


In a Southside townhouse
A ticket is purchased
To visit a lover
Who melts butter and barriers
A flight
To a coastal town where
The sun plays double-dutch with waves
An escape from home
To home
A familiar entanglement
A loosening of guards
A morning meditation
A moonlit stroll of rum and want.

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