Red Gold and Green Mesh Cowl

Is it cold enough yet? This cowl will keep you warm as fall creeps into winter. $20 email me to purchase. via Instagram


“PussyHat” RBG Variant with some information on Womanism

Peace All, I made this hat to represent the Womanism movement. Friends of mine mentioned feeling disconnected to the Feminist movement throughout the 2016 campaigns; wanting to support women's rights while feeling silenced by the leaders of those movements. I've been trying to learn more about Womanism because it speaks to and from the point … Continue reading “PussyHat” RBG Variant with some information on Womanism

The Universe Between Us

What can I do for you that the cosmos doesn't already offer?   Just dust made to man next to a gem brighter than my entire planet.   How does it work? To fuse with someone like you; to learn love like earthlings?   Love Is Confusion Together; Interstellar Dances; Our Laughter.   Love is … Continue reading The Universe Between Us

That Is All: a thread

I have a Twitter account of which I put to regular use. During the day it's mostly crochet or geeky post, but in the late hours of my phone has charge, I tend to share thoughts. This is a collect of such thoughts. If you agree, feel free to like and share. Disagree? Leave … Continue reading That Is All: a thread

Who says you can’t be summer time fresh in the winter? 🍉 Just finished this beanie for $15 . . . . . . . . . . .

via Instagram Who says you can't be summer time fresh in the winter? 🍉 Just finished this Watermelon beanie for Watermelon Day - $15

Studio Saturday: Live Music & Poetry

Join Studio Gallery for another Studio Saturday featuring poet Dwayne Lawson-Brown and musician Rivers Wilder Green! About the performers.... Dwayne B! aka the “Crochet Kingpin” is a homegrown DC native poet, activist, break-dancer, and fashion designer. He is one of the hosts of DC’s longest running open mic series, Spit Dat, as well as a … Continue reading Studio Saturday: Live Music & Poetry