Brandon Douglas


Poet/Emcee/Host/Teaching Artist/Actor

Brandon Douglas is a product of the land known as DC. He began writing when he was 12, after discovering his ability to write raps. Through his teenage years, poetry and hip hop became one in his mind and soul as it became a tool of self-expression. Then one day, he got just enough courage to share what he was thinking and writing about at an open mic. The rest is history. Since then he has been on the DC Youth Poetry Slam Team, opened for Gil Scott Heron, and performed in South Africa just to name a few things. With his artistry, he works to guide others toward positivity and encourages others to strive to be whole. His experience has provided him with the opportunity to become a teaching artist and serve the community by educating. He is constantly working to grow as an artist as well as a person, and he details this journey through his words in an honest way so that others may be moved to do the same.

Buy: Chapbook titled “Adventures of a Night Owl”

“DOUGLIFE: Living In Forever Everyday”

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