One Color Kaleidoscope

What color is love? What shade of unhappiness do you wear? In your palette, how vibrant is joy? Dwayne Lawson-Brown tackles these questions and more with “One Color Kaleidoscope” – The first bound collection of poetry from the Busboys and Poets host captain and Spit Dat co-host. Dwayne tackles love, loneliness, artistry, and the human condition with equal parts mystique and transparency. Poetry/African-American Literature – 173 Pages Copies Come Signed With A Message From Dwayne!



17-year-old Dwayne Lawson-Brown didn’t expect to reach the age of 24. Dwayne, now 37, explores the complexities of aging in “twenty:21”; a conversation-in-verse alternating between original works from the “Darkchylde” and modern responses from the “Crochet Kingpin”. Who Will YOU Be In 20 Years? Copies Come Signed With A Message From Dwayne!


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