Between The Stitches – November 2018

I'm compelled to post because it's been over half a year since I've posted. I'm moved to tell you all about a year of growth, expansion, and joy. Of some of my struggles and how I'm making a way through them. But so much has happened that it's a bit daunting to think about writing. … Continue reading Between The Stitches – November 2018


Between The Stitches – February

Mood music - Heart don't stand a chance Anderson.Paak I'm an artist. We are pack rats stuffing emotions into pouches. We stumble upon them when cleaning house and spend half a day reminiscing about that time the cutie we peeped shot us a glance. I know I personally get giddy when I think of a … Continue reading Between The Stitches – February

Between The Stitches – January

Song of the Month: Frank Ocean - Solo Last year was a devils dance. Much of the year was coming to terms with the facts that hope dies and love is only the beginning of the healing. I'd spent the first half of the year building my reserves; preparing for loss and acknowledging the fear I hold. What fear you … Continue reading Between The Stitches – January

“PussyHat” RBG Variant with some information on Womanism

Peace All, I made this hat to represent the Womanism movement. Friends of mine mentioned feeling disconnected to the Feminist movement throughout the 2016 campaigns; wanting to support women's rights while feeling silenced by the leaders of those movements. I've been trying to learn more about Womanism because it speaks to and from the point … Continue reading “PussyHat” RBG Variant with some information on Womanism

That Is All: a thread

I have a Twitter account of which I put to regular use. During the day it's mostly crochet or geeky post, but in the late hours of my phone has charge, I tend to share thoughts. This is a collect of such thoughts. If you agree, feel free to like and share. Disagree? Leave … Continue reading That Is All: a thread

Book Review – “N Search of H.E.R.” By H.J. Lee Bennett, III a.k.a. Lee The Poet

I am a hopeless romantic. I love the idea of "love", though I often am unsure of it's plausibility. I've been on a personal journey redefining and unlearning the "Disney" idea of love for some years and processing my concept of romantic and personal love each day. I find this important to state as I … Continue reading Book Review – “N Search of H.E.R.” By H.J. Lee Bennett, III a.k.a. Lee The Poet

Crochet Recap

Hi, I'm Dwayne Between being a dorky dad, A sexual health Educator, And #thatpoetryhost, I take time to run a small crochet business. I crochet every stitch myself And sell things both online And at various events in the DMV It's been a busy past few months So I'm just sharing some of the pieces I've … Continue reading Crochet Recap

“Life is about love and pancakes”

Well Hey there!

Breakdancing, crocheting on the Metro and HIV education: Dwayne Lawson-Brown, a DC poetry slammer and host, is famous around town for more than his spoken word.


The atmosphere in the crowded room at Busboys and Poets, a DC poetry location, is vibrant, open and easy-going. It’s a big variety of people among the 150 men and women coming together at this warm evening at the end of March for a poetry slam Open Mic event: They have alternative styles, the majority is black but there are also white businessmen in suits.

They clap and nod their heads to the beat and every now and then, somebody snaps his fingers to show his appreciation for the spoken and chanted words – just like in the times of the Beat Generation, even if the poetry community doesn’t have to meet in the basements anymore.

While all this is happening, two black…

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“Whatchu Been Up To Dwayne?”

When folks ask what I've been up to, I often have to see a little bit of everything. I've been crocheting, hosting, performing, writing for myself and others. I have dreams that I want to make happen. I have bills, a home I want to be financially ready for the moment it hits market, and … Continue reading “Whatchu Been Up To Dwayne?”

On finding love in the midst of crisis

I love movies that pull feelings out of my heart. The latest being "Seeking a friend for the end of the world". I'm 31 and single. I'm no longer sure I believe in a legally binding marriage. I feel like my closest friendships are becoming harder to maintain, and I honestly believe that with my … Continue reading On finding love in the midst of crisis