No One Riots For T-Dog

It's destined to happen to all our favs; To leave this life and meet their graves; Happening on the most random days; The bell does surely toll.   For Dale, a walker claimed his life; For Milton, the tip of the Governor's knife; Milton then saw Andrea and took a bite as time went by … Continue reading No One Riots For T-Dog


Last Minute Nintendo Switch Predictions and Wishes

It is upon is! Nintendo will be announcing the details of its hotly anticipated new console, the Nintendo Switch. I have been on the hype train following rumors, patents, official briefings, and detail leaks for what feels like forever. It feels good to finally have some more official information "directly" from the source. But that's … Continue reading Last Minute Nintendo Switch Predictions and Wishes

C. Tracy Reads Ahead

*written after Prince's "Under the Cherry Moon"* Question: Does I die in the end? After I gave you the eyes and you waved me along When you left me a tip and I played you a song Your knees, keys And these fingertips tickling your ivory Your lips drip diamonds and pearls Girl! After the … Continue reading C. Tracy Reads Ahead

“Life is about love and pancakes”

Well Hey there!

Breakdancing, crocheting on the Metro and HIV education: Dwayne Lawson-Brown, a DC poetry slammer and host, is famous around town for more than his spoken word.


The atmosphere in the crowded room at Busboys and Poets, a DC poetry location, is vibrant, open and easy-going. It’s a big variety of people among the 150 men and women coming together at this warm evening at the end of March for a poetry slam Open Mic event: They have alternative styles, the majority is black but there are also white businessmen in suits.

They clap and nod their heads to the beat and every now and then, somebody snaps his fingers to show his appreciation for the spoken and chanted words – just like in the times of the Beat Generation, even if the poetry community doesn’t have to meet in the basements anymore.

While all this is happening, two black…

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