Cocooned: A DC Emancipation Day Experience

What Are We Becoming?

DC residents are busy. We are constantly creating, constantly working, constantly innovating. This has led to an amazing amount of success, but many of us feel buried under the weight of decisions made for our city.

Washington DC residents pay taxes higher than many states, but lack the voting representation in Congress and the Senate our fellow citizens hold. While DC’s push for statehood has been making strides, the action seems slow, and DC residents continue to pay the cost.

In this “live crochet” experience, I will be crocheting myself into a red, white and blue cocoon, physically embodying the stifling of DC residents. What will we become when we emerge from our cocoon? That is for us as a community to learn together.

About The Artist

Dwayne Lawson-Brown is a DC native, fiber artist, poet, and activist.  Dwayne’s work to increase HIV awareness through spoken-word has garnered recognition from the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, BBCAmerica, the Discovery Channel, and The Washington Post. Recently, Dwayne was named “DMV Male Poet of The Year” at the 2021 DMV Renaissance Awards.

*Additional Note* Dwayne writes poetry, not bios.

Crochet Services

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Poetry Books

Do you like to read poetry? Dwayne has authored 2 collections of poetry. “One Color Kaleidoscope” and “Twenty:21” are available signed and shipped directly from Dwayne.

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