Fleetwood DeVille



Fleetwood-DeVille is a 24-year old MC from Muskogee, OK who moved to the East Coast already a father and on his way to being an accomplished artist. Six months into fatherhood, DeVille was both unemployed and had put a hold on college for the time being so he packed his bags when he got a call for a job in Washington, DC. Since his move in the spring of 2009, DeVille has opened for Souls of Mischief at Rock and Roll Hotel, twice featured at the Legendary Spit Dat Open-Mic, and was an opening act at the 2012 DC Loves Dilla concert at The Fillmore in Silver Spring, Maryland.

In 2009, he joined hip-hop group FAR Exp and made his debut as a host collaborating with Philadelphia MC and musician, Right Mind in running the Mind Madness Open Mic for a year. Since joining FAR Exp collaborative, the group has released The Experiment (FAR Exp Vol. 1) in 2011 and The Un-Xperiment EP (FAR Exp Vol. 2) in 2012 all while releasing solo projects, Complete & Utter Bullshit (mixtape) in 2010 and While I Was Asleep (EP) in 2013.

DeVille strives to create his art solely based on his life and its journey toward belief and freedom, away from fear. When not working on his current solo and collaborative projects, Fleetwood DeVille practices Buddhism and spends time with his two daughters, who he credits for motivating him to work toward being a solid man of compassion.


Twitter: @DressSock

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