Motorcycle Jesus

XzentrickRhythm And Poetry

He keep it a bill at all times. Trill at all times. Kill all rhymes. Villain, it’s all mines. G.O.A.T. Thunder rolls beneath his feet sending tremors rippling throughout the waters he waltzes upon. The super duper villain. The show stopper, premium panty dropper MC. Motorcycle Jesus. Xzentrick James. The inimitable, unforgettable, unfuckwitable Golden Goon. Yahweh of the Highway hailing all the way from the chocolate city. The voodoo man, a witch doctor focused in jungle fever. The cream in your coffee, he makes everything just right. Just stir. Never shaken. Never nervous. Never mistaken, he does everything on purpose. He could talk slick to a can of oil. Motorcycle Jesus can’t lose


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