Poets Reading Poetry Podcast

A Dialogue In Meter

Dwayne Lawson-Brown hosts a conversation through poetry featuring artists of various styles, experience, and status.

Episodes Added Weekly:

Episode #4 – 2 Chill Phyl Reads Poetry Poets Reading Poetry

Episode #3: A Rainbow Flies Over The Southside Season 2 jumps into Women’s History Month with 2 Chill Phyl joining our host, Dwayne Lawson-Brown to talk Washington DC, finding your creative voice, and remaining authentic in the face of adversity! 2 Chill Phyl is a poet and performer dedicated to leaving audiences in a better space that she found them. Follow 2 Chill Phyl on Instagram at @2ChillPhyl and @PhylFeels This podcast supported by the DC Commission of the Arts and Humanities, Solid State Books, Day Eight Publishing, and CrochetKingpin.com
  1. Episode #4 – 2 Chill Phyl Reads Poetry
  2. Episode #3 – Alexa Patrick Reads Poetry
  3. Episode #2 – Rebecca Bishophall Reads Poetry
  4. Episode #1 – Kenny Carroll III Reads Poetry
  5. Episode #10 – Butterfly Free Reads Poetry
  6. Episode #9 – Luna The Poet Reads Poetry
  7. Episode #8 – Tik-Tok Ya Don't Stop Reads Poetry
  8. Episode #7 – Drew Anderson Reads Poetry
  9. Episode #6 – Brandon Douglas Reads Poetry
  10. Episode #5 – Amasa Maleski Reads Poetry!
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