The “New”

New Year, New You! It’s cliché, but that’s what happening here at Crochet Kingpin Designs. Welcome to the website relaunch. There are a few new things beyond the cosmetic redesign of the page.

Sexy, Geeky, Poetic, Handmade – Those themes are what makes Crochet Kingpin Designs so fun! We are fully embracing the spirit of these themes across the website with photos, articles, and other random posts. Looking for comic-con coverage? Click “Geeky” at the top of the page. Looking for a scarf, check out the “handmade” tab. You get the drift.

Weekly Video Posts – Words are awesome… but we love a good video! Crochet Kingpin will be posting a new video weekly, from geeky posts following karaoke exploits, to interviews with DMV artists on their poetic process. Check back weekly to see what we are saying!

Daddy and Dare Game Time – Darius (my son, whom you may know from the #DariusTweets series on twitter) and I are starting a “Let’s Play” series on youtube. We will be posting at least once a month with games that are suitable for an eight year old, and all the joy that comes from gaming with your kids! You can subscribe right now at

Redesigned #Infinigrind Page – What is #Infinigrind? If you’ve been to Spit Dat DC or any open mic in the DMV in recent years, you may have heard someone scream that word. To learn more, click the Infinigrind tab at the top of this page.

Social Media – We are everywhere on social media: @CrochetKingpin on Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Big Cartel, and Snapchat. TheCrochetKingpin on tumblr. Facebook – Crochet Kingpin. While you are at it, follow the official #Hashtags of Crochet Kingpin Designs – #ThatPoetryHost #CKGeeky #CKSexy #ScarfSeason

Happy New Year! Thanks for your time and support!

-The Crochet Kingpin

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