Luna Performing “Time” at Spit Dat!

Luna The Poet isn't just a Poet. She's a mother, chef, painter, photographer, videographer, day care provider, excellent hugger, and  better crocheter that me. (i won't admit that about many people, so take that seriously)   This video is from a few years back, but the piece is so powerful, well... it stands the test … Continue reading Luna Performing “Time” at Spit Dat!


Plight of the Pretty Girl

They say I’m pretty, But what’s so pretty about me? Fair skin, slim waist, and feminine fats perfectly placed Is all people ever see. Youngest of three, Finest of three On my fathers pedestal I will always be.   I wake up. Dress in unhappiness. Wear it like a cape. Sign of superhero status Black … Continue reading Plight of the Pretty Girl