Home of the Brave

Oh say can you see, Over the blinding light, That through rockets red glare, We’ve been chosen to fight, Can’t get any sleep, from the planes over head, Not like I could anyway, for my eyes know bloodshed. Plus the scent is still full, All the soot and burnt flesh, Getting airtime all day from … Continue reading Home of the Brave


On finding love in the midst of crisis

I love movies that pull feelings out of my heart. The latest being "Seeking a friend for the end of the world". I'm 31 and single. I'm no longer sure I believe in a legally binding marriage. I feel like my closest friendships are becoming harder to maintain, and I honestly believe that with my … Continue reading On finding love in the midst of crisis

#thatpoetryhost – Americana

We were American today, We saw things and said "How dare that be there? I must conquer it Climb it and know it's beauty from all angles." A waterfall knows our foot print. A glacier speaks our name in cracks and drips. Our adventure knows no bounds. We are blessed the land hasn't exacted revenge.

#NaPoWriMo -7- A Black Guide to Survival In America

Don't run Don't walk Don't raise your hands Don't reach for your wallet Don't be educated Don't be ignorant Don't be mentally ill Don't fight Don't break up the fight Don't steal Don't look like you steal Don't go to 7-11 Don't have asthma Don't wear hoodies Don't fit the description Don't draw attention to … Continue reading #NaPoWriMo -7- A Black Guide to Survival In America

#NaPoWriMo -4- Untitled For The Next Name

The poems have been written. Chants spoken; Yelled; Whispered is wide hallways, Behind closed doors. The conversation happened. Elections won. "Progress made". I am still dead. Sleep was rehearsal for the big day When protests knew my name.

#Poetry: From Moment to Movement

Things change. We change. The world changes around us every day; Glaciers, to ocean, to polar bear drowning. Sunny day, to hurricane, to refugee in my own home. Corner store hoodie boy, to obituary. Happy daughter, to fatherless child. How do we make this right? Silence is a costly answer When lives are the price … Continue reading #Poetry: From Moment to Movement