Time Pieces

If I could sketch time, It would look like the stars in A cracked hourglass.   Bleeding out into the darkness like bloodstains on Cold Blacktop Playground.   Trickling Finite Chronos into infinite Space, just to be claimed   By/Buy Watches, clocks, and Random time pieces, only Catching time pieces.   Pieces of time locked. … Continue reading Time Pieces


How To Flash

Wear a trench coat When you have your captive audience, Open it with the intensity of single mothers opening child support checks Or hungry children opening cabinets. Thrust hips forward. Shine like TenderHeart Bear in full Care Bear stare Most will initially be in shock. Especially the children. Some will be aroused. Most will wish … Continue reading How To Flash


*Written after "Knoxville Tennessee" By Nikki Giovanni. This poem was written during a writing workshop led by Anthony Harrell Jr., a Peer Ambassador for RealTalkDC.   When it pours out You will be a vessel For the living; For the untold story; For the man behind bars, And the shackles. You will be siren For … Continue reading Inspiration

Dwayne Does La-Ti-Do!

This is a collection of the poems I've performed at La-Ti-Do. What is "La-Ti-Do" you ask? Curated and hosted by Don Michael Mendoza and Regie Cabico, La-Ti-Do made its debut to a full house in Washington, DC on January 23, 2012 at The Black Fox Lounge in Dupont Circle and since then, it has become … Continue reading Dwayne Does La-Ti-Do!

#videos -Dwayne Shares at “Fighting Cancer With Poetry

Video from a few years ago. I performed at the first "Fighting Cancer With Poetry" event at Busboys and Poets. Since then, the series has taken off and will soon be starting a workshop series for giving people affected by cancer and opportunity to have their voice heard.

#Poetry -Amber Tambourines

Amber scenes of tambourines Shaking like children in winter rain; Glistening in my memory like Sunlight on grassy fields glazed by light dew. That's where you stand, Filling cavities and drilling for secrets; Beaming with laser-like precision you cut through radar, Bounce sonar waves of the tip of your tongue. My overnight bag aches for … Continue reading #Poetry -Amber Tambourines

“Whatchu Been Up To Dwayne?”

When folks ask what I've been up to, I often have to see a little bit of everything. I've been crocheting, hosting, performing, writing for myself and others. I have dreams that I want to make happen. I have bills, a home I want to be financially ready for the moment it hits market, and … Continue reading “Whatchu Been Up To Dwayne?”

#poetry – Same Train

Dear Sista across from me Dressed in the dopest floral piece With the hoop earrings, You would never believe what happened to me; I was stabbed in the back by a friend. No it’s OK, 'cause if things hadn’t gone that way, We definitely wouldn’t be across from each other. I can’t help but notice … Continue reading #poetry – Same Train