#thatpoetryhost – For the Dancing Girl

She dances. She's icelandic Living in Chile She's different With different eyes and lips She's a breath of familiar. A reader. Now she's a poem.


#NaPoWriMo -1- Analog Ills In The Age Of Digital Thinking

I'm supposed to be writing A report Data into my timesheet The design for these t-shirts My album A poem. *Nintendo announces something* *Text message buzz* I need to finish this scarf I've got a few orders backed up I need to reach out to that consultant The Instagram takeover is tomorrow *Email buzz* I … Continue reading #NaPoWriMo -1- Analog Ills In The Age Of Digital Thinking

#Poetry – Homecoming

This coffee shop is home. Earrings out; headphones on. This music is home. A place to land after long night makes long day longer. These memories are home. Four walls of mind for walking through time. A whole heart holds to broken things. I am not home. I am not in your arms. Your arms … Continue reading #Poetry – Homecoming

#poems: For The Writers

Be bold. Dont be afraid to be yourself and take chances with your writing. Love your voice. Become comfortable with your voice. Use your voice. Don't write every poem in your voice. Live a life so that you may have more perspective in your writing process. Know that your writing isn't for everyone. That's ok. … Continue reading #poems: For The Writers

a note about my december #poems post

  Whats good everyone! So as you may have noticed, I've been posting poems for everyday in December leading to my 30th birthday. These aren't necessarily new poems (though a few of them are) but they are pieces that I don't perform on a regular basis and I feel represent parts of me as a … Continue reading a note about my december #poems post

#poems: Dwayne Personified

I'm a level 20 yarn mage. And a ninja. And a sleepy mushroom. I'm a rollercoaster of feelings. I'm the glass case of emotion that Ron Burgundy was trapped in. I'm tumbleweed rolling through the minds of math students. I'm a cross country excursion via unicycle. I’m your favorite ex-lover and bottle of chocolate syrup. … Continue reading #poems: Dwayne Personified

kickin it with the kingpin 9.20.13

just got in from spit dat. very long day. a good day. but long. i've been going through a series of experiences with being needed, hoping to be wanted, and feeling disposable. I'm a little depressed. i have good moments. the family and friends and folks in my circle are certainly helpful. I just want … Continue reading kickin it with the kingpin 9.20.13