Crochet Recap

Hi, I'm Dwayne Between being a dorky dad, A sexual health Educator, And #thatpoetryhost, I take time to run a small crochet business. I crochet every stitch myself And sell things both online And at various events in the DMV It's been a busy past few months So I'm just sharing some of the pieces I've … Continue reading Crochet Recap


I’m hosting “I Want To Know You” Tonight.

Tonight! At Woolly Mammoth members of the DC poetry community share their work in the name of HIV awareness. In commemoration of National Youth HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, RealTalkDC and Woolly Mammoth Theater Company present "I Want To Know You", a poetic exploration of sexuality, self-love, and protection in these current times. For more info on … Continue reading I’m hosting “I Want To Know You” Tonight.

#Thoughts – “How Am I Not Myself”

So I like random things; cartoons, video games, alcohol, organized databases... etc. In the resturaunt across the street from my office, there's a converted cigarette machine (similar to soda machines, but they sold cigarettes... classic stuff) that sells small pieces of art for $5 a pop. Great idea. I support it and I'm trying to … Continue reading #Thoughts – “How Am I Not Myself”

#Infinigrind Artists Showcasing Their Work at American University Right Now!

Right about now, a few of the #Infinigrind Team members are about to take the stage at American University's Mash Up Cultural Showcase...   If you love what you are witnessing, (or wish you could be there) Check out the artists and their work below!     Dwayne B! (thats me!)     Droopy The … Continue reading #Infinigrind Artists Showcasing Their Work at American University Right Now!