Would You Like to Dance

Twist for the proper title… If I ignored the passion I feel for you And settled for being a friend I would die from lack of proper title, And never see you again. __________________________________________________________________ Would you like to dance? Your hand fits perfectly in mine, Our slide step is magical, All you have to do … Continue reading Would You Like to Dance


#write2014 – 22 – Said the Skeleton

I followed your lead. You unsnapped the 3 hooks, Bra on floor, hand on door. No locks today. Someone Is gonna walk in. And find us. Undone. 2 balls of yarn twisted and tangled. Too coarse for the par course we coast through east coast. Make haste to find play place. Bathrooms in lace help … Continue reading #write2014 – 22 – Said the Skeleton

#Write2014 – 7 – I Do

Everyday is a dance Of balancing bags and manuvering crowds. Managing flags and boundries. Between broken gods and fragile man, We waltz through hours. Time is the silk curtain; A thin vail hiding she we are destined to kiss. A bride eternal. Every breath, a step down the aisle.