Red Marker Epiphany

We put limitations on what we can do according to time, saying that there isn't a lot of time in this life When the only thing we really have it time, the longest thing we can do in life is live.... Older lady at bus stop One hand clutches to red marker as if a … Continue reading Red Marker Epiphany


Time Pieces

If I could sketch time, It would look like the stars in A cracked hourglass.   Bleeding out into the darkness like bloodstains on Cold Blacktop Playground.   Trickling Finite Chronos into infinite Space, just to be claimed   By/Buy Watches, clocks, and Random time pieces, only Catching time pieces.   Pieces of time locked. … Continue reading Time Pieces

A Doomsday Prepper’s Diary

March  3rd, 8:42PM Cookie Aisle at Food Lion ____________________________________ She walks in, Eyes of molasses, Skin twice as sweet. I'm diabetic; Too many sweeties in my past. As she get close, all senses sense fructose. And i just want to taste. She's a catastrophe; I'm A doomsday prepper. I've been waiting for you And I'm … Continue reading A Doomsday Prepper’s Diary

Of Math and Memories

*For John W. Karr* ...246 New Jersey... ...Remember 246... An old man took his last breath today. When asked to chose between a doctor's breathing tube Or A friend's perfectly crafted martini, He made the right choice. ...246... 246... 246... "2+4 is 6" I would have never thought of that. Never have been a fan … Continue reading Of Math and Memories

Untitled 4.5.16

I will fall In love with you Everyday For the rest of our lives. When I die, Love will always know you Because I will be there. You'll be free. I will work to touch the hearts of your future lovers, Whispering teachings of your love language. I will be the familiar in their eyes, … Continue reading Untitled 4.5.16

#write2014 – 8 – If I Gotta Die

if i gotta die, make it quick. a camera flash a shooting star the first orgasm. make the snipers bullet spin. a cyclone to blow my life away.   if i gotta die, make it spectacular. produce it on broadway name in lights and tony bound. have beyonce sing my demise. my fate in platinum … Continue reading #write2014 – 8 – If I Gotta Die

#Write2014 – 7 – I Do

Everyday is a dance Of balancing bags and manuvering crowds. Managing flags and boundries. Between broken gods and fragile man, We waltz through hours. Time is the silk curtain; A thin vail hiding she we are destined to kiss. A bride eternal. Every breath, a step down the aisle.

#poems: StopWatch

how am i wasting time? humanity can’t spill what it can’t posses? _________________________ for time is not some malleable compound; nor some precious metal. _________________________ Try bending time. Does it really flex, or do we under our attempts? _________________________ Wise Time keepers, we are not. Time keeps us. Shaping our daily doings. _________________________ Mandating our … Continue reading #poems: StopWatch

#poetry – When I Die

When I die, Plant a rose on my grave; for every love I never made. every kiss I’ve never laid ever beauty I’ve ever gazed and never compliment paid. When I die, Have a brass band at my funeral service; combine my wake with Sunday worship for forgiveness for all my Sundays missed for all … Continue reading #poetry – When I Die