How To Flash

Wear a trench coat When you have your captive audience, Open it with the intensity of single mothers opening child support checks Or hungry children opening cabinets. Thrust hips forward. Shine like TenderHeart Bear in full Care Bear stare Most will initially be in shock. Especially the children. Some will be aroused. Most will wish … Continue reading How To Flash


#poems: Mornings

Wake up from dreams of people I love dying Want to cry Can’t Be heart broken Text her good morning Await response Pick out pants for work Apply deodorant Put on shirt and pants for work Download app for business on phone Think about forward motion Think about her Be heart broken Await response Pack … Continue reading #poems: Mornings

#poems: Mantra

Ohm She's a mantra God haunter Lays down with devils Smelling of angel sweat A perfect mistake waiting to happen Dressed in denim and silk scarves A widow maker Smoking a clove Rolls with a loaf worth of bros Gettin that dough Dances like a pinwheel in the wind Fast and free Loves in the … Continue reading #poems: Mantra

#poems: Crash Landing (throwback poetry… geez)

I was flying LBLoveless Airlines, On my way to Lonely City, When this diapered guys’ arrows started to fly, The wings began to tilt and the plane skydived straight down… I fell head over heels in… -Sigh- I fell head over heels in… Giddy giggles, snuggling close to teddy bears late at night, That warm … Continue reading #poems: Crash Landing (throwback poetry… geez)

#poems: What We Look Like

I look like, 27 years of confusion. A life time of mistakes and broke promises. Being late to the train station again. You look like, compassion. Understanding dressed in a cloak of frustration. You look like 14 hours days on the weekend Working with women with special needs. Dinners on tables, sagging breast in need … Continue reading #poems: What We Look Like

#poems: On Avoiding Craters

comet stay in the sky, dont come crashing into my solid ground leaving your mark. i am not strong enough to heal whats been broken.   *The Eintou is an African American poetic form that consists of seven lines with a syllabic word count for each line; 2-4-6-8-6-4-2.  Eintou is a West African term for … Continue reading #poems: On Avoiding Craters

#poems: Nicole Inquires About Scarves

Nicole You came to me after the set asking me about Scarves. If I have any scarves to sell, When you can purchase scarves. You noticed I was working on scarves and was dismayed that I Didn’t have Scarves To sell tonight. Only a couple of hats that were already claimed And a mangled pink … Continue reading #poems: Nicole Inquires About Scarves