Red Marker Epiphany

We put limitations on what we can do according to time, saying that there isn't a lot of time in this life When the only thing we really have it time, the longest thing we can do in life is live.... Older lady at bus stop One hand clutches to red marker as if a … Continue reading Red Marker Epiphany


Untitled 2314.222 (for Philip Seymour Hoffman)

Because the sun doesn't constantly shine. Because sometimes our demons are faster than our recovery. Because we don't give rose bushes. Because the needles point is sometimes the only feeling you know. Because no amount of glue can piece together broken memories. Because sometimes we are just a scrapbook of past loves. Because everything isn't … Continue reading Untitled 2314.222 (for Philip Seymour Hoffman)

#write2014 – 11 – A Series of Six Word Stories

Lips blow kisses wind wont carry. I'm a series of honored blushes. Love is fresh parts and grease. The sweetest goodbye. The hand waves... It's after midnight, where's my awesome? Love notes, For girls, Who cut. Ripped myself apart. Read the pieces.