“Life is about love and pancakes”

Well Hey there!

Breakdancing, crocheting on the Metro and HIV education: Dwayne Lawson-Brown, a DC poetry slammer and host, is famous around town for more than his spoken word.


The atmosphere in the crowded room at Busboys and Poets, a DC poetry location, is vibrant, open and easy-going. It’s a big variety of people among the 150 men and women coming together at this warm evening at the end of March for a poetry slam Open Mic event: They have alternative styles, the majority is black but there are also white businessmen in suits.

They clap and nod their heads to the beat and every now and then, somebody snaps his fingers to show his appreciation for the spoken and chanted words – just like in the times of the Beat Generation, even if the poetry community doesn’t have to meet in the basements anymore.

While all this is happening, two black…

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#Thoughts – “How Am I Not Myself”

So I like random things; cartoons, video games, alcohol, organized databases... etc. In the resturaunt across the street from my office, there's a converted cigarette machine (similar to soda machines, but they sold cigarettes... classic stuff) that sells small pieces of art for $5 a pop. Great idea. I support it and I'm trying to … Continue reading #Thoughts – “How Am I Not Myself”

#poetry – Love And I will Love

"I love you because you get it. I've been so under appreciated for so long in my life for having such a true love. You receive it and multiply. Thank you." I will love you like high school seniors love july like teachers love being right like little boys love pizza. I will love you … Continue reading #poetry – Love And I will Love

#Write2014 – 3 – If Never Occurred

Even if I never kissed you. If you never leaned over and I never misread. If you never took that chance, Never kissed back.   Even if you never “saw” me, Never shared your thoughts, If you never gave a glint Never gave a hint.   Even if you never told your truth. If you … Continue reading #Write2014 – 3 – If Never Occurred

Surprise! My Full Birthday Feature From Busboys and Poets

On December 23rd I turned 30. On December 17th I had a feature at Busboys and Poets 14th and V. Hosted by Droopy The BrokeBaller. Good times were had. Feel Free to view and leave comments.   Happy New Year Yall!!!   -Dwayne B!

a note about my december #poems post

  Whats good everyone! So as you may have noticed, I've been posting poems for everyday in December leading to my 30th birthday. These aren't necessarily new poems (though a few of them are) but they are pieces that I don't perform on a regular basis and I feel represent parts of me as a … Continue reading a note about my december #poems post

#poems: Mornings

Wake up from dreams of people I love dying Want to cry Can’t Be heart broken Text her good morning Await response Pick out pants for work Apply deodorant Put on shirt and pants for work Download app for business on phone Think about forward motion Think about her Be heart broken Await response Pack … Continue reading #poems: Mornings

#poems: Crash Landing (throwback poetry… geez)

I was flying LBLoveless Airlines, On my way to Lonely City, When this diapered guys’ arrows started to fly, The wings began to tilt and the plane skydived straight down… I fell head over heels in… -Sigh- I fell head over heels in… Giddy giggles, snuggling close to teddy bears late at night, That warm … Continue reading #poems: Crash Landing (throwback poetry… geez)

#throwback: Daily Exhale 1

Originally Posted - 3/2/10 Some days are great. Others are a bit much. That’s why I bought new headphones today. See… headphones are not only the things that help you hear music, or keep your ears warm in the winter; they are a representation of instant audio isolation. Privacy in sound so to speak. And … Continue reading #throwback: Daily Exhale 1