Letters to Grandma

To A grandmother; In the twilight years after you've watched your friends wither away, You begin to look at life and see yourself surrounded by graves. I can relate. From the grandson who Arrived in the 80s, Watched his friends die in the 90s, And prays his students don't waste away now. You need to … Continue reading Letters to Grandma


Red Marker Epiphany

We put limitations on what we can do according to time, saying that there isn't a lot of time in this life When the only thing we really have it time, the longest thing we can do in life is live.... Older lady at bus stop One hand clutches to red marker as if a … Continue reading Red Marker Epiphany

#poems – In A Grand Way

She wakes up to laughter. Her little boy's little boy trying to play with daddy's hair. With that toddlers every chuckle, she feels the joy of being a successful mom. Forgets the sun setting on tarnished relationships, and basks in the sunrise of her little boy growing up.   She wakes up to tears. Her little boy's little … Continue reading #poems – In A Grand Way

#write2014 – 4 – As He Sleeps

As he sleeps The electronics hum their full humming; Filling their tummies with charge and bars. Grandma toils away with jewels that spin; Erasing from the screen when their colors are matching. Great Grandma paces in her room; Ruminating on the whereabouts of a trinket long lost. PawPaw sinks to the basement thinking underground thoughts … Continue reading #write2014 – 4 – As He Sleeps

Plight of the Pretty Girl

They say I’m pretty, But what’s so pretty about me? Fair skin, slim waist, and feminine fats perfectly placed Is all people ever see. Youngest of three, Finest of three On my fathers pedestal I will always be.   I wake up. Dress in unhappiness. Wear it like a cape. Sign of superhero status Black … Continue reading Plight of the Pretty Girl