Haiku for the Dirty

You need to be cleansed. My tongue, Lake Minnetonka Purify yourself.


The Universe Between Us

What can I do for you that the cosmos doesn't already offer?   Just dust made to man next to a gem brighter than my entire planet.   How does it work? To fuse with someone like you; to learn love like earthlings?   Love Is Confusion Together; Interstellar Dances; Our Laughter.   Love is … Continue reading The Universe Between Us

On The Spot Haiku – Weary Blues

*Written in response to prompts from the audience of "The Weary Blues" Langston Hughes Suite dedication at Marriott Wardman Park - 2.1.2017   Many hues gathered To honor a Hughes who changed The world with his blues   A meeting of the Minds, student meeting teacher; Sharing a worlds wealth.   Many seeds planted, Cultivate … Continue reading On The Spot Haiku – Weary Blues

#NaPoWriMo -5- Senryu For Our Loss

I just cried for my Son, because someday I could Become a hashtag He cried for me when He saw my tears. We both are Mourning innocence. My mother watches in awe, worried her two boys Don't have Kevlar skin. In the bible, no Weapon formed against me shall Prosper. These are lies. I still … Continue reading #NaPoWriMo -5- Senryu For Our Loss

#poems: StopWatch

how am i wasting time? humanity can’t spill what it can’t posses? _________________________ for time is not some malleable compound; nor some precious metal. _________________________ Try bending time. Does it really flex, or do we under our attempts? _________________________ Wise Time keepers, we are not. Time keeps us. Shaping our daily doings. _________________________ Mandating our … Continue reading #poems: StopWatch

7 Deadly Sins (Haiku)

Wrath Military Pop Straps Bomb to chest, kisses wife. This is for junior. Sloth She lives in still life. lackadaisically, waste away in real time. Pride There's nothing wrong with doing good work, but bragging tarnishes your worth. Greed Stay on infinite Grind to make dough, but does he have a life to show? Gluttony … Continue reading 7 Deadly Sins (Haiku)