Race Relations in 3 Part Movement

I. He’s no longer a man No, demoted to a sack of blood and marrow shards Wrapped in sinew. Dangling like post-celebration piñatas. His plasma, dripping jelly-like from the center of this pastry. “Nigger had it coming; he gandered at that white woman down the way…”   II. Our first kiss was a drunken maelstrom … Continue reading Race Relations in 3 Part Movement


Human Aptitude Test Examples

I. When reading a sentence, what voice do you use? Does that voice change when the character is revealed to be Black? see also Latino, see also Asian, see also any culture often caricatured, see also young, see also gay, see also anything you may not be.   II. Innocence dripped from the edge of… … Continue reading Human Aptitude Test Examples