Between The Stitches – February

Mood music - Heart don't stand a chance Anderson.Paak I'm an artist. We are pack rats stuffing emotions into pouches. We stumble upon them when cleaning house and spend half a day reminiscing about that time the cutie we peeped shot us a glance. I know I personally get giddy when I think of a … Continue reading Between The Stitches – February


Between The Stitches – January

Song of the Month: Frank Ocean - Solo Last year was a devils dance. Much of the year was coming to terms with the facts that hope dies and love is only the beginning of the healing. I'd spent the first half of the year building my reserves; preparing for loss and acknowledging the fear I hold. What fear you … Continue reading Between The Stitches – January

Dear Marsha Adams

Dear 10 year old Marsha Adams. Thank you for everything. I've been in love With the idea of being in love Since your Lightskinned fine ass Told me in class that you likes me. Just as the teacher called on me, To do the fractions on the board. And lord, how I hate math. Especially … Continue reading Dear Marsha Adams

The Descent to Genius – Chapter 1: Seeking the Help of Something Greater than Thou.

Dear Universe, Sometimes you are called God; All-knowing presence ever-present, Sharing insight and guiding our path. God, I could use a trail clearly marked. Footsteps to place feet into. Direction, a compass, coordinates for success; My own personal destiny to manifest. Dear God, Sometimes referred to as Universal Power; the vast opening, the grand vapidness, … Continue reading The Descent to Genius – Chapter 1: Seeking the Help of Something Greater than Thou.

Kiss Me

Lips are not routine. Connection doesn't come with a manual. This is an analog feeling. Allow me this kiss. I've been Job, We; tried and true, Trialed and blue. This kiss; Light at the end signaling the beginning. Kiss me endless green lights; Emerald castle post yellow bricks. Kiss me in braille; We should feel … Continue reading Kiss Me