#thatpoetryhost – Sharing Tea

I am not a man I am rooibos, earl grey, chai. I'm a bag of spices and herbs Sitting in a tub surrounded by ice and wind. Sharing my insides with others. The breeze above our human tea, A chilled request for embrace.


#thatpoetryhost – The Race

I am racing the sunset to my doorstep. Ready Set . . . Go! Jet in taxi Last text message sent. Smooth jazz oiling disjointed eardrums As I prepare for a sandwich of clouds. The water below resembles a Sequined welcome mat; A glittery invitation to follow the current course. We pierce the fluff ceiling … Continue reading #thatpoetryhost – The Race

#thatpoetryhost – On Dancing

They asked me who you were, Who the "she" must be on the other side, The one receiving my poetry; Texts; Attention. I'm a professional dancer, Avoiding names like uneven pavement, Stepping sure to save grace. We are a pirouette, A spin move, A side step for inquiring eyes. For me, You have in all ways … Continue reading #thatpoetryhost – On Dancing

#thatpoetryhost – Uncertainty

Uncertainty Is knowing where you need be, What you want, How the taste should be; But the day is flavored fog. When you are hitchhiking your way With baggage twice the size your heart. All you want is a hand, But you can't see a foot forward. You think of the beauty you've seen; You … Continue reading #thatpoetryhost – Uncertainty

#thatpoetryhost – Americana

We were American today, We saw things and said "How dare that be there? I must conquer it Climb it and know it's beauty from all angles." A waterfall knows our foot print. A glacier speaks our name in cracks and drips. Our adventure knows no bounds. We are blessed the land hasn't exacted revenge.

#thatpoetryhost – On Being Received

We cut the clouds like layer cake. Slicing through to be greeted by rainbows and snow and sunshine. How do you capture this magic? A place that looks like home And feels like mystery? Match the universe and she will 1-up you, Showing you wonders your mind can't absorb. Be along for the ride, Witness … Continue reading #thatpoetryhost – On Being Received

#thatpoetryhost – Departure

Everything is what it's gonna be. The bags packed. Every nothing that I've forgotten will be in its place when I return. The drinks have known my throat. Duty-free knows my passport and tonight will become today tomorrow. This is the beginning of documentation; Of flight without feathers. We sigh into the sky; A steel … Continue reading #thatpoetryhost – Departure