Time Pieces

If I could sketch time, It would look like the stars in A cracked hourglass.   Bleeding out into the darkness like bloodstains on Cold Blacktop Playground.   Trickling Finite Chronos into infinite Space, just to be claimed   By/Buy Watches, clocks, and Random time pieces, only Catching time pieces.   Pieces of time locked. … Continue reading Time Pieces


Won’t Be Memorized

I. Overcast sky Pencil line sunshine etching a path along cracked pavement 17 year old fatherless son Performs the ballad of “lil man, big bags...” A bumbling wonder to behold running for the W2 to Unity Health Complex. In an act of defiance, one shoestring boldly demands a divorce Legs slip into pants Flyers for … Continue reading Won’t Be Memorized

“Life is about love and pancakes”

Well Hey there!

Breakdancing, crocheting on the Metro and HIV education: Dwayne Lawson-Brown, a DC poetry slammer and host, is famous around town for more than his spoken word.


The atmosphere in the crowded room at Busboys and Poets, a DC poetry location, is vibrant, open and easy-going. It’s a big variety of people among the 150 men and women coming together at this warm evening at the end of March for a poetry slam Open Mic event: They have alternative styles, the majority is black but there are also white businessmen in suits.

They clap and nod their heads to the beat and every now and then, somebody snaps his fingers to show his appreciation for the spoken and chanted words – just like in the times of the Beat Generation, even if the poetry community doesn’t have to meet in the basements anymore.

While all this is happening, two black…

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#Poetry: From Moment to Movement

Things change. We change. The world changes around us every day; Glaciers, to ocean, to polar bear drowning. Sunny day, to hurricane, to refugee in my own home. Corner store hoodie boy, to obituary. Happy daughter, to fatherless child. How do we make this right? Silence is a costly answer When lives are the price … Continue reading #Poetry: From Moment to Movement

#Write2014 – 7 – I Do

Everyday is a dance Of balancing bags and manuvering crowds. Managing flags and boundries. Between broken gods and fragile man, We waltz through hours. Time is the silk curtain; A thin vail hiding she we are destined to kiss. A bride eternal. Every breath, a step down the aisle.

#poems: StopWatch

how am i wasting time? humanity can’t spill what it can’t posses? _________________________ for time is not some malleable compound; nor some precious metal. _________________________ Try bending time. Does it really flex, or do we under our attempts? _________________________ Wise Time keepers, we are not. Time keeps us. Shaping our daily doings. _________________________ Mandating our … Continue reading #poems: StopWatch


They say some things in life are constants and will never change…   Sun shines Rain falls Trees grow Bees sting Fire burns Lovers love Painters visualize Singers harmonize Musicians create Poets write Performers… perform Audiences watch College cost Students learn Parents stress Lips kiss Tongues tastes Hearts pump Hips hump Babies cry Llamas spit … Continue reading Constantine