Between The Stitches – February

Mood music - Heart don't stand a chance Anderson.Paak I'm an artist. We are pack rats stuffing emotions into pouches. We stumble upon them when cleaning house and spend half a day reminiscing about that time the cutie we peeped shot us a glance. I know I personally get giddy when I think of a … Continue reading Between The Stitches – February


Letters to Grandma

To A grandmother; In the twilight years after you've watched your friends wither away, You begin to look at life and see yourself surrounded by graves. I can relate. From the grandson who Arrived in the 80s, Watched his friends die in the 90s, And prays his students don't waste away now. You need to … Continue reading Letters to Grandma

Race Relations in 3 Part Movement

I. He’s no longer a man No, demoted to a sack of blood and marrow shards Wrapped in sinew. Dangling like post-celebration piñatas. His plasma, dripping jelly-like from the center of this pastry. “Nigger had it coming; he gandered at that white woman down the way…”   II. Our first kiss was a drunken maelstrom … Continue reading Race Relations in 3 Part Movement


…Passion it always starts with the passion… We live our lives sonnet-like, Strict            rigid               reserved She is a quick kick of free verse.   Flashback Morning amnesia fades…. Last thought while walking away… "Are we really the bad guys?" Flashback A long embrace, arms are anacondas squeezing the breath out of this moment. One last … Continue reading Flashbacks

Viva Las Vegas

My hands still smell like gasoline. You said that every night with me is like Las Vegas Color me neon glow flattered With a smile like phosphorous And enough attraction to make you forget the rest of the world. Whatever happens with Vegas; Stays with Vegas. You’ve rode along my streets. Known me to strip … Continue reading Viva Las Vegas

Would You Like to Dance

Twist for the proper title… If I ignored the passion I feel for you And settled for being a friend I would die from lack of proper title, And never see you again. __________________________________________________________________ Would you like to dance? Your hand fits perfectly in mine, Our slide step is magical, All you have to do … Continue reading Would You Like to Dance

How To Be More Christ-Like

Be born Go to school and ask questions Learn to read. If you are reading this it is likely you have succeeded in at least 2 of these thus far. Grow up and perform your job to the best of your ability. Invest in a small tub, rubbing salts, fine soaps and lotions. They will … Continue reading How To Be More Christ-Like

That “Awkward Lover” Poem

You’re looking at me, Yes, you. At me. Right now. With THAT look in your eyes. Yes. That look. The one that is telling me that there is an earthquake beneath your sea, and the waves are on the verge of crashing on the shore. Yes earth, I know your rhythms Cause I’m a moon, … Continue reading That “Awkward Lover” Poem


Snow without clouds Shouldn't happen; Illogical. Flakes still fall on a weekend in Pittsburgh. Sun; Radiant reminder that opposites attract. Just as this place is flake and sun and lack of logic; You are mystic. How could I do anything other than love you? How could I do anything other than let you go?

It’s What You Do

I love you Isn't the poem I want to write. Its what I want to say With the pump of valves. Its not the sense that lips convey, Its what lips wish to show in every word, Touch of skin, every kiss. I love you Isn't a expression Its the only impression needed. Its not … Continue reading It’s What You Do