Viva Las Vegas

My hands still smell like gasoline. You said that every night with me is like Las Vegas Color me neon glow flattered With a smile like phosphorous And enough attraction to make you forget the rest of the world. Whatever happens with Vegas; Stays with Vegas. You’ve rode along my streets. Known me to strip … Continue reading Viva Las Vegas


Paint Me Beautiful

Paint me beautiful. My favorite muse, I’d be remiss to miss this opportunity miss To inspire you to create. Paint this body in your image, These curves unfurl into hips and legs, These places hidden to the naked eye. Paint me golden rod sunset, With streams of light beaming. Make me shine at night; Allow … Continue reading Paint Me Beautiful

#Poetry – Homecoming

This coffee shop is home. Earrings out; headphones on. This music is home. A place to land after long night makes long day longer. These memories are home. Four walls of mind for walking through time. A whole heart holds to broken things. I am not home. I am not in your arms. Your arms … Continue reading #Poetry – Homecoming

#write2014 – 19 – Snowflakes (Part I of Snowflakes and Fireflies)

I. Snowflakes The wind; Your lips on my neck. A bite I welcome after hiding. The sick and shut in look forward to visits. Even chaperoned sessions under snowy skies. Flurries of emotions Falling like single clusters of ice, Heavy enough to fall, Light enough to catch a ride on a wasted breath. Sticking together … Continue reading #write2014 – 19 – Snowflakes (Part I of Snowflakes and Fireflies)

#poems: Mornings

Wake up from dreams of people I love dying Want to cry Can’t Be heart broken Text her good morning Await response Pick out pants for work Apply deodorant Put on shirt and pants for work Download app for business on phone Think about forward motion Think about her Be heart broken Await response Pack … Continue reading #poems: Mornings